Sunday, September 01, 2002

ok, something exciting.
oh, yesterday was my moms wedding and two of my best friends tiffany and meghan were there and we were having fun with the balloons afterwards, and tiffany (being the brilliant person she is) decided to go walk around the lake front we were at and hit on guys with squeaky voices. well we left w/o telling anyone because we were planning to come right back and then we got way too into it and we invited these two guys to walk around the lake w/ us even though one was incredibly ugly w/ holes in his jeans and he kept hauken loogies (spelling?). the other was ok, but he looked kinda gross. anyway while we were waiting on them i started hitting on this kid that was ok but looked like he was 10 for some reason and he started following us. the other guys started talking about some chick named britney after we found out the ok one (anthony) was 16 and his cousin was turning 15 the next day.
then the kid that looked like he was 10 said he was 13 but he was so scrawny i didn't really beleive him. he was riding his bike around following us. everytime I asked him a question like his name or what school he went to he said why. oh thats playin' it cool romeo. it was obvious he just had to think about what he should lie about.
he suposivily (spelling?) was 13, and just moved here so he wasn't going to a school yet but his father was the ranger of the park... He said he was going into seventh grade and his name was cameron. we started being really mean to him too.
anthony i think liked tiff, and he made me feel bad because we all sat down and i was on an end with space left and meghan and tiff were like, sit by her and he didn't obviously. jerk.
so anyway 3/4 around the lake, we realized that we had been gone over 45 minutes and not told anybody so we bolted out of there without mentioning to the guys we were leaving and guess what. we started freaking out because the wedding was all cleaned up and everyone was gone. and then meghans dad drove up and they drove us home. we got in trouble but oh god if they found out that we had spent that time with THREE boys! one time i got busted for staying out till 10 with some fat ass i would never do anything with.
you don't care, am i right
i'm wearing a really cute hoodie. its white and it has hibiscus flowers down the side and it says rusty on the front in small letters and then rusty on the bak very big. i haven't washed it yet. mmmmmm, love that new hoodie feel
I just realized teenage thunder is a very stupid name. what is wrong with me